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Malcolm Deboo: Malcolm Minoo Deboo has been the Librarian and Information Officer at the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe Incorporated in London since 1990. The ZTFE was established in 1861 to look after the interest and welfare of the Zoroastrians of Europe including Britain. He manages the Zoroastrian Book Stall which stocks over 350 titles on Zoroastrianism and is the first point of reference at the ZTFE in disseminating information on the Zoroastrian religion, heritage and culture to anybody who is interested, including educational and interfaith establishments, local and national government agencies. Malcolm has been consulted by the University of Derby, London Boroughs of Camden and Westminster for their Multi Faith Directories and by authors of books on the Zoroastrian community in Britain and the first three Asian MPs in the House of Commons.   He was also the sole person in charge of supplying information on Zoroastrianism for the Faith Zone in the Millennium Dome. Malcolm has given papers on the subjects such as "Is Conversion a form of Religious Intolerance?", "Conversion & Genocide of the Zoroastrians of Iran", "Early Zoroastrian Identity in Britain". Later in the year he will be part of the Zoroastrian delegation attending the World Parliament of Religions in Barcelona, as he did in Chicago in 1993.

Title of Talk: Zoroastrianism: The Religion of the Soldiers of Truth, but has never been to war in the name of religion.

Theme of talk: The first Zoroastrian to visit the UK was in 1724 on a mission to seek justice. Zoroastrianism is the religion of the 3 Magi popularly known as the 3 Wise Kings and also of the first 3 Asian MPs elected to the House of Commons. The religion was first revealed to the world by Prophet Zarathushtra, known to the ancient Greeks as Zoroaster, over 3500 years ago in the region which today borders Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Zoroastrians are not pacifist, indeed the faithful are called asharvans "soldiers of truth", because they are constantly at war against evil! However, in its entire history Zoroastrianism has never been to war in the name of religion. The reason being that this war against evil can only be won, by the asharvan constantly performing good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Evil is everywhere and it is only through goodness that evil will be defeated and everlasting peace be obtained. Everlasting peace would lead to perfection and on to immortality! This paper will examine from a Zoroastrian perspective the purpose of creation by the Creator, the role of the saviour, the end of the world and paradise, together with the role of the immortal soul in creation combined with the importance of being good. It will highlight the path to everlasting peace and examine the spirituality of the Zoroastrian faithful in Iran who even under genocide and mass proselytising have done their utmost to maintain their ancient beliefs and practises.

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