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The Sufi Path to Spirituality and Peace in the Holy Land, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari, 3.36MB Print E-mail

Presentation: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari is the head of the Naqshabandi Sufi method in the Holy Land. Sheikh Bukhari's family came to Jerusalem from Bukhara 400 years ago, and their home has been a centre for visiting Muslim pilgrims and visitors of all faiths since then. Sheikh Bukhari is a leading Muslim voice for peace and reconciliation in Jerusalem. Sheikh Bukhari also hosts the Uzbek Cultural Centre of the Holy Land in his home.

Title of Talk: The Sufi Path to Spirituality and Peace in the Holy Land.

Theme of Talk: Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari will talk about his family's history as a long line of Sufi sheikhs in the Naqshabandi tradition living in Jerusalem. He will discuss the spiritual principles found in Sufism and how they can be applied to help bring inner peace and to bring a transform the conflict in the Holy Land. He will share about his involvement in interfaith initiatives for peace in the Mid-East with Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious leaders. 

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