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MESP 2007: Feedback and Evaluation Form Print E-mail

The 4th Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality
and Peace, Wednesday 7 February – Sunday 11 March 2007

Feedback and Evaluation Form





Faith/Spiritual tradition (if applicable):

Representative of organisation (if applicable):



1. Publicity:

How did you hear about the Festival?

How did you find the Festival Brochure to use?

How did you find the Festival poster?

How did you find the Festival website to use?

Do you have any suggestions for improving the publicity about the Festival?

2. Selection of Events to Attend:

How many Festival events did you attend?

How did you select those events that you attended?

What kind of Festival events are of particular interest to you?

What kind of Festival events would you like to see in future?

Please give some specific suggestions for events that you would like to see:




3. Venues:

How did you find the venues used for events that you attended?

Do you have any suggestions for other venues that might be used?

4. Scheduling:

Do you have any reflections on the scheduling and timing of the Festival events?

5. Cost of Events and Booking Arrangements:

Do you have any reflections on the cost set for the Festival events?

Do you have any suggestions for booking offers that we could explore?

Did you find the booking arrangements straightforward? Do you have any suggestions for any improvements to the booking arrangements?

6. Scope and Ethos of the Festival:

In MESP 2007 five strands to the Festival were more explicit, to allow a range of entry routes into the Festival, and to allow a range of participation identities, namely:

1. spirituality, and relations among spiritual traditions;
2. education and audience development;
3. arts and culture;
4. celebrating the diversity of Scotland and the UK;
5. celebrating Scotland and the UK in international terms.

Are there any other dimensions that you consider should explicitly be part of the Festival? If yes, then please specify:

Do you have any observations on the dates, duration, scope and ethos of the Festival?

7. Do you have any specific suggestions for future Festival events, speakers, facilitators or themes?

8. Had you attended the Festival before?

Why did you choose to attend the Festival in 2007?

9. What hopes did you have for the Festival? Were they realised?

Please describe some meaningful aspects of the Festival for you?


What were some of the highlights of the Festival for you?


What did you learn from participation in the Festival?


Did you establish new contacts as a result of the Festival?


Did your experience at the Festival have an impact on how you understand your own religious or spiritual identity?

Did it affect the way you understand and/or relate to other religious and spiritual communities? Please describe:

Please describe some of your experiences of the Festival:












10. In what ways do you think the Festival can be improved?


11. Which themes would you like to see in future Festivals:


Multi Faith and Spiritual Forums:

Day Workshops:

Education events:


Spiritual practice events:

Artistic/cultural contributions:

Hospitality or service events:

Community hosted events:

Food events:

Films and documentaries:


Other events:


12. Would you like to be more involved in the Festival in future? Please  specify:


13. If you took any photos/recordings during the Festival, then we would appreciate being sent copies for the Festival archive. Also, if you write an article on your experience at the Festival, then please send us a copy.


Please return your completed feedback form to:

Neill Walker, This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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