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MESP 2006: Zipang: Retold stories from Ancient Iraq with harp Print E-mail

Zipang: Retold stories from Ancient Iraq with harp Scottish Premiere performance
3rd International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace (MESP) 6 February - 12 March 2006


Stories and Music Lugalbanda and the Anzu bird (2,500 BCE); Epic of Gilgamesh (1,000 BCE); Sumerian and Akkadian songs including the Hymn to Arbela
Performed by Zipang: Fran Hazleton and June Peters (storytellers); Tara Jaff (harp)
Date 14 February 2006
Venue Augustine United Church
Address George IV Bridge
Reviewer Pat Napier

© Pat Napier. 16 February 2006

Concert Tour Run: 10 February: Glasgow, (Old Fruitmarket); 11 February: London (Barbican)

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