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A Musical History of Armenia
3rd International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace (MESP)
6 February - 12 March 2006


Music music (full list at the end of the review)
Performers Coda Choir, Edinburgh (directed on this occasion by Ben Carter) with guest soloists Aris Nadirian (baritone) and Calum Dewar (clarinet)
Date 9 March 2006
Venue St John's Episcopal Church
Address Princes Street
Reviewer Bruce Haughan

Music Midday Hymn - For the Nativity (Gomidas Vartabed); Ourakh Ler - Happy Mountain (Anonymous); Marmin Deroonagan - The Heavenly Body (Yegmalian); Nor Dzaghig - New Flower (Anonymous); Hayr Mer - The Lord's Prayer (Yegmalian); The Tree of Incense (Anonymous); Sayln Ayn Ejaner - Christ's Resurrection (attr Grigor Naregatsi); Havik Mi Baidzar - The Holy Spirit (attr Grigor Naregatsi); You the Co-Creator of the Father (Fr Meghrik Parikian); Folk and Secular: Do La Vo Hey - work song (Berberian); Ganche Groong - Call O Crane (Gomidas); Nazani Akhcheeg - Beautiful Girl (Samvelian); Ho Ta Lo - The Pomegranite Tree in Our Garden (Gomidas); Karoun - Spring (Gomidas); Gakavi Yerku - Pheasant's Song (Gomidas); Srdig Maloul mi mena - Don't Let your Heart be Troubled (Anonymous); Yaman Yar - Clever Love (Anonymous); Hayrenik - The Armenian Nation (E Baghdassarian)

The concert was presented in association with Creative Space www.creativespacesgw.org.uk

© Bruce Haughan. 11 March 2006. Published on www.edinburghguide.com

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