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  • Malala's voice stronger, not silenced
    The attack was meant to silence the outspoken teenager who dared to defy the Taliban's ban against girls in school. Instead, it only made Malala's voice more powerful. After a school year that started with a shooting, Malala now eyes a summer of speaking at the U.N., telling her story in a new book and amplifying the issue of girls education.

  • What happened to Malala's friend?
    Today we can tell the remarkable story of Shazia Ramzan, a 15-year-old Pakistani schoolgirl.

  • Things I wish I'd known at 15
    International day of the girl: 'To my 15-year-old self'

  • Impact Your World: How to help
    CNN Films' "Girl Rising" tells the stories of girls across the globe and the power of education to change the world. Are you inspired to help the cause of girls' education around the world? You can make an impact in many ways, but by just being aware of the issue, you can spread the word. By acting in your own community, you can make a global difference.

  • 10 amazing stories of everyday heroes
    They clean up rivers, build homes for disabled veterans and bring health care to some of the darkest parts of the world.

  • Photos: In their own words
    The top 10 CNN Heroes of 2013

  • 'Broken' veterans come back strong
    As he watched wounded troops being brought inside the hospital on stretchers, Michael Conklin couldn't believe what he was seeing.

  • New shoes for 10,000 homeless kids
    Nicholas Lowinger, 15, has provided new shoes to more than 10,000 homeless children since 2010.

  • Deadbeat dads get a second chance
    Marcus Dixon refers to the tattoos on his face as the "art of war": an eye etched on his forehead, five stars down the left side of his face, and the words "don't cry" on his eyelids.

  • Life's a blur -- literally -- for these kids
    Yash Gupta, 17, collects used eyeglasses and donates them to children in need.


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